So I’ve been at this blog thing a whole year now…yep, it’s a shock to me also.

The Great Sock Search

  Stockings are being hung by the chimney with care and all I can think about is how all my socks are disintegrating.

Ethical Ways to Donate

  The capsule closet and sustainable clothing are in. Which means our packed closets and clutter is out, but the question is…What do we do with all that clothing?

ESJ Turns One

I still remember when my friend, Katie Pruett, started Fashion Just Cause, her blog on sustainable fashion. It opened my eyes to this whole new world. Now, I realize this is something I’ve always been into. I’ve always been attracted to products made from natural materials and protecting the environment. However it was definitely Fashion Just Cause that started me…

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I heart NYC

I love New York City. I always have. As a teenager I used to dream about living in New York in a studio apartment that would cost me $1000 a month. I never had a clue what I’d be doing, but I knew I’d be doing it there. So when I got the opportunity to join Ethical Style Journal‘s Editor-in…

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6 Ethical Boutiques You Might Be Missing Out On

I generally describe myself as a hard worker with lazy tendencies.  I’m a busy bee that gets involved in A LOT of stuff, but if an opportunity presents itself that gives me the chance to do as little work as possible, I’m ALL over it. We’re talking white on rice, fat kid on cake, stink on…you get the point.   I…

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My Fashion Revolution

I was never the girl that had husbands and babies and yards enclosed with white picket fences in her dreams. My dreams were made of stilettos and wedges, maxi dresses and skinny jeans.

Proud #GirlBoss

I came across a post the other day that said they were tired of hearing #girlboss. That they weren’t a Girl boss, they were just a boss. The person’s husband wasn’t called a dude boss so they shouldn’t be called a girl boss. And I get it. I do. They don’t think there should be a gender modifier. Some may…

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Vintage Upcycled

If there are two things I’ve always loved it’s vintage & upcycling. It’s so much fun when I get to combine the two.

The Making of an Outfit

I love clothes but I’ve never been a girly girl. In fact for a girl that was nicknamed “Hollywood”, I am surprisingly very unglamorous. So when I had to dress up for an event that called for Hollywood glam, I was a bit lost. I don’t own a jewelry box full of bling or have runway appropriate clothing on the…

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