The Beauty of Upcycling

When i think of upcycling, I think of scraps of fabric pieced together in a beautiful mess. Sometimes that mess wasn’t always beautiful. However as recycling and upcycling is grabbing more traction in the world of fashion these pieces are becoming more and more main stream. Here are some upcycled pieces that I’ve fallen in love with and I think…

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Natural Nails — Little Ondine

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a manicure or even took the time to paint my own nails. So long that most of my nail polish resembles the rainbow version of the Sahara Desert. I’ve stopped using it mostly because I’m too lazy to deal with it but also because I’m no longer fond of putting a bunch of nasty…

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The Making of a Wedding

My parents have been married for 40 years. Yeah I know! This summer they decided to have a second ceremony and renew their vows. I was tasked with the bridal party’s dresses, jewelry, shoes, and wedding favors. The goal make it as ethical and sustainable as possible. The result…well…that’s another story…

7 “Ethical” Things You Are Already Doing

The idea of “going ethical” or doing things sustainably can be daunting. We see these words pop up all over the place and don’t even know what they really mean. Let me ease your mind. Some things come naturally, even if it’s just to save money or reduce clutter. Here are a few “ethical” things that you’re probably already doing.


Plastic Unwrapped

I should start out by saying that I am the reason we can’t have nice things.

Flaxseed Gel–What Not To Do

My life could be its own board of Pinterest fails and cause the server to crash. Yet, I’m working my way through the DIY world that is fraught with peril lurking around every corner.

Celebrity Inspired Ethical Wear

Perfect Traveling Clothes

I’ve been traveling a lot lately and multiple times by plane. So when I came across an article that wanted to show me some stylish outfits to travel in by plane, I was pretty excited to see what they had to offer. However, actually reading the article had me wondering if they have actually done any traveling….ever….

Printed Pattern People

Keeping it Cool–Ethical Kaftans

It’s been awhile, but I’m back! Not only am I back but summer has finally reared its head and is back with a vengeance. All I want to do is lay around (wearing nothing) and eat popsicles. Unfortunately for me — I’m not a loner, being inside all day gets boring, and I hear it’s frowned upon to walk outside…

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How to Thrift Shop

Growing up my mother was the garage sale queen. Whether we were having one or shopping them on the weekends, I was raised knowing that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Eventually garage sale shopping turned into thrift store shopping and the rest,they say, is history.


Citrus Love: Afrocenchix

There’s nothing I love more than the delicious scent of citrus. Well, the smell of pizza comes pretty close, but it’s really awkward trying to explain to people why you smell like pizza. People don’t bat an eye when you smell like lemons and oranges.