Secrets to Making Your Clothes Last Longer Part 3 of 4

There are a few thing about clothing I’ve learned over the years. Number 1: Quality trumps quantity. Number 2: Expensive doesn’t always mean quality. Number 3: Name brands aren’t always what they say they are. This being said I’ve found ways to make even my cheapest clothing last me for years. Here are a few hacks I’ve learned over the years with…

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Secrets to Making Your Clothes Last Longer Part 2 of 4

I know in Part 1 I said that you just shouldn’t wash your clothes, but if you’re not down with that (like I’m not down with that), here are some things to remember to keep your clothes looking good.

Secrets to making your clothes last longer Part 1 of 4

If you’re like me, you’re not quite ready to get rid of all your clothes. I haven’t fully embraced the idea of minimalism, because well, my clothes do make me happy. That being said not all of them were quality purchases. Since I am buying less, I want to be able to keep the clothing I have as long as…

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