The Making of an Outfit

I love clothes but I’ve never been a girly girl. In fact for a girl that was nicknamed “Hollywood”, I am surprisingly very unglamorous. So when I had to dress up for an event that called for Hollywood glam, I was a bit lost. I don’t own a jewelry box full of bling or have runway appropriate clothing on the…

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Marie Claire Gone Ethical

After sitting on my couch for nearly two weeks, I finally got the chance to dive into Marie Claire’s Sustainability Issue. I gotta say…I was pleasantly surprised.

Why I’m Not Giving Up My Fast Fashion Items

I’ve loved clothes for a long long time. A loooong time. So it’s no secret that I have accumulated a lot of it over the years. And guess what, I’m keeping them! 

Borrowed Closets

Last weekend presented me with one of my greatest challenges: Traveling to a different city with absolutely nothing. Well…almost nothing.