6 Ethical Boutiques You Might Be Missing Out On

I generally describe myself as a hard worker with lazy tendencies.  I’m a busy bee that gets involved in A LOT of stuff, but if an opportunity presents itself that gives me the chance to do as little work as possible, I’m ALL over it. We’re talking white on rice, fat kid on cake, stink on…you get the point.   I can’t be alone in this. Our society thrives on convenience and having things right at our fingertips, literally. I mean, that’s the whole point of smartphones right?

Because of this, you’ll love knowing that curated ethical shops are popping up all over the place. While there are several that are making a name for themselves, there are a few others that still have a lot to offer. Since each has it’s own style, here are 6 more shops to keep an eye on.


Love Justly

Kimono Dress Maxi: Navy and Gold - Ethical Dresses - Symbology

Love Justly is one of my personal favorites. Not everyone can afford the prices of some ethically made clothing, no matter how much we want to.  And while shopping second hand is all great and fabulous, sometimes you just want something new. Well, that’s where Love Justly fits in. They offer sustainable items at a discounted price. The reasons for the discounts vary; however, everything is amazing.  Not to mention Jenny at Love Justly is a freaking awesome human being. You simply can’t beat discounted ethical fashion that comes with amazing customer service.

Galerie La

The Ovna Ovich Segdah dressAs the name suggests this online shop is based out of Los Angeles. The clothing here is simple, chic and ultra modern. I get vibes of The Matrix meets Gattaca. Cool and sleek. You may not think LA when you see the shop, but that’s because the clothing is sourced from designers, not only across the nation, but the world. One of my favorite quotes about the state of fashion now comes from Galerie La’s founder and creative director, Dechel Mckillian. She says, “People are losing their identity. They’re becoming what’s popular. They’re becoming what they see instead of who they really are.” It’s with this in mind that Galerie La was born, allowing individuals to remain individuals and wear “fashion with integrity”. And the best thing is, they are in the process of opening a physical location!


Baja SS Hemp TeeBelvele describes themselves as minimal and modern. The pieces are curated from designers and brands you know well, such as Amour Vert and Groceries Apparel. There are  also options for the men, from sweaters to t-shirts to a great pair of chinos by Apolis. This online boutique offers an added bonus of helping out with fit questions and domestic shipping is free — A Bonus for shoppers in the USA.

Fashion Flair Bazaar

CARLA DRESS BY SAGE LAROCKIntroduce yourself to some new brands from around the globe with this online shop.  “Fashion Flair Bazaar is about looking good, doing good and feeling good.” The styles are eclectic as are the prices. They also offer a range of clothing for men and children. Fashion Flair Bazaar claims to be THE online destination for ethical shopping and they may be living up to their claim. Not only do they offer clothing and accessories, but the online store includes a lifestyle section consisting of candles, baskets, beauty products, yoga sessions, and travel advice.

Oso Organic

Bamboo Crewneck Tee | OliveThis isn’t your typical curated shop. This shop is more like the ethical version of Amazon. This Austin, TX based online shop allows sellers from all over to sell on their site and make life easier for you. Each proposed brand is thoroughly vetted and must pass a strict checklist. They don’t only sell clothing, but also home goods and items such as yoga mats and outdoor gear rounding out your eco-friendly lifestyle shopping experience.

Fiercely Green

Cloud Maxi DressFiercely Green is an online boutique for fair trade fashion. They believe that “fashion has the potential to do great things – like pull entire communities out of poverty, free people from bondage of human trafficking, or preserve and restore our world’s natural resources.” Their items are curated from around the world with the express purpose of having social and environmental impact. Here you’ll find dresses and scarves with more of an artisan touch. And if vintage inspired clothing is your thing, they are currently carrying a line of men’s neckties that is reminiscent of the 50s and 60s, that are made from remnant cloth.

What are some of your favorite Ethical Boutiques?

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