ESJ Turns One

I still remember when my friend, Katie Pruett, started Fashion Just Cause, her blog on sustainable fashion. It opened my eyes to this whole new world. Now, I realize this is something I’ve always been into. I’ve always been attracted to products made from natural materials and protecting the environment. However it was definitely Fashion Just Cause that started me on this mission. I’ve been researching stuff ever since and it brought me to where I am now, a girl with her own line, founding member of the Ethical Network of San Antonio, an Eco Stylist, and working with one incredible thrift store on a mission to give back.

Soon after starting Fashion Just Cause, Katie decided to launch an online magazine. Not gonna lie, I was skeptical at first.   I had no idea how something like that would work, but she has turned it into something amazing. It has been incredible to watch the journey and see the growth. The people and brands that Katie has brought to my attention since starting the magazine has been an incredible view at our world as a whole and even more, myself.

It’s been an interesting ride learning myself all over again and figuring out where I fit and what I believe in the world of ethical and sustainable fashion where even the words mean something different to just about anyone you speak to. While we may not always agree, it’s nice to know that we all have a goal of creating a world where fashion does less harm, more good, and brings awareness to the world outside of ourselves.

This holiday season as we reflect on a season of giving. I hope you enjoy this time and reflect back on some of my favorite moments from Ethical Style Journal. Grab a copy of this latest and greatest issue. You’ll not only get to see my very first editorial style cred and a Blessed Designs Original veil, but an amazing bridal editorial and some fabulous design work from artist Brittany Loar.

**All photos came via Ethical Style Journal’s Instagram**

Tabii Just Sandra Dress
The dress that made me fall in love with Tabii Just (featured in Issue 2 of ESJ, Spring into Action) It also really forced me to think about the prices of sustainable garments and why they are what they are.
Ethical Style Journal
Met this lovely lady through Katie. I’m grateful since she then went on to model for me. ESJ has given me more than connections, it’s given me friends. (Ethical Style Journal Issue 2)
Ethical Style Journal
Loved meeting these lovely ladies and assisting on this shoot. It’s great to see a vision come together right in front of you. This is where I saw The Wrap Life in action as well as finding out that pockets should not be made of the same material the clothing is made from. (Ethical Style Journal Issue 3.)
Raba Vintage via Ethical Style Journal
Absolutely nothing will stop my love for Raba Vintage. I’m sad they’ve moved out of San Antonio, but loved seeing the amazing pieces of jewelry they carry. (Ethical Style Journal Issue 3)


The Blessed Designs Original veil that was created from up cycled fabrics.

The great Dominique Drakeford. This shoot gave me my first styling cred and an amazing trip to NYC. Still trying to decide which one wins.

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