I heart NYC

I love New York City. I always have. As a teenager I used to dream about living in New York in a studio apartment that would cost me $1000 a month. I never had a clue what I’d be doing, but I knew I’d be doing it there.

So when I got the opportunity to join Ethical Style Journal‘s Editor-in Chief on a photoshoot, I jumped at the chance. What person would pass up the opportunity to style a photoshoot in New York? Nobody. That’s who.

So a month ago I took off for my beloved city seeing it for the first time in nearly 10 years, and it was like coming home. Of course it was also like venturing into a whole new world. I love seeing how much has stayed the same and how much others have changed. Getting to traipse past my old stomping grounds and discover some new ones was the breath of fresh air that I needed so bad. It was a busy few days, but it was great just knowing I was walking on NYC soil (or concrete). 

What’s your most favorite place in the world?

2 thoughts on “I heart NYC

  1. How did the shoot go? I’ve only been to NYC one and it was for a couple of days. At the time I lived in London and I felt that I could easily live there. They both have the same buzz. I’m not where my favourite place in the world is. I have spots I like… I’ll have to think!

    1. I’ve never been to Europe. I bet I’d love London if they have the same vibe. The shoot was amazing. Dominique is the best and we had a lot of fun. You should check it out in the new issue of Ethical Style Journal.

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