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I came across a post the other day that said they were tired of hearing #girlboss. That they weren’t a Girl boss, they were just a boss. The person’s husband wasn’t called a dude boss so they shouldn’t be called a girl boss. And I get it. I do. They don’t think there should be a gender modifier. Some may see defining the fact that they are a woman in a position some how makes that position “less than”, but this is exactly the reason why I proudly proclaim the title #GirlBoss.

Here’s the full post here:

Alright folks. As of today, I’m officially and 100% completely over it. Unless you are the headmistress of a girls only preschool, you’re not a Girl Boss. If you’re a woman in the world and you’re running the ship, pursuing your purpose, speaking your truth and making a dent in the universe then you’re a BOSS. Plain and simple. No gender modifier needed. My husband is not a Dude Boss and I am not a Lady Boss. JUST A BOSS BOSS THANKS VERY MUCH BYE 👋🏼 (Share if you agree and together we can #bangirlboss 😂💪🏼)

My initial response.

When you work with men that think you’re less than capable because you’re a woman, or have been told you’re “pretty smart for a girl” as if being a girl were a bad thing, you look at the world a little different. When you’ve been told that you are “pretty for a black girl”, When you’ve been told that you shouldn’t wear white because it made you look darker, as if being darker were a bad thing. When you work in a field where women are underrepresented; when you live in a society that still thinks that all women can and should do is take care of a household (because let’s be real, why some of us excel at that, others have no business being in anybody’s kitchen); when top positions are given to men because women aren’t seen as capable of “running things” –you start to see that parts of you (many times parts you can’t control) make you less desirable in certain situations and you don’t want that part of you associated with your accomplishments.

Men don’t have to define those things so why should we? Right? Well, I say “Why not”? Why is it that being a woman/lady/girl anything is a bad thing?  Why are we so afraid to differentiate ourselves from others? When did diversity become a bad thing? We say we want diversity, but then don’t want people to use terms that make them stand out. You aren’t Hispanic American or African American you’re just American. There are no different races, just the human race. Yet, we don’t understand that different doesn’t have to mean bad. Different can be great. Diversity is only divisive if we make it so. If we say that being purple is better than being green and that orange is smarter and more capable than blue, then we begin to divide and create a hierarchy. You know, kind of like we’ve done with race and gender.

Because regardless of the hurdles we’ve overcome, women are still marginalized and seen as (dare I say it again) “less than” when it comes to certain areas. Those women that have made it are often labelled with less than flattering terms.Yet, while we refuse to label ourselves “girl” or “lady” anything, we never really stopped to think about why that’s a bad thing. Because here’s the thing, it shouldn’t be. There’s nothing wrong with being a girl. There’s nothing wrong with being a woman. There’s nothing wrong with being female, period.

I was born a female. I was born intelligent. I was born with a high IQ and a high aptitude towards math and science. I was also born creative and artsy, with a love for fashion. I was blessed with parents that nurtured all those parts of me and taught me to see that I could accomplish anything I wanted to. But I recognize, not everyone has that. So, to all those girls out there wondering if they’re good enough; that want to see someone doing what they want to do, I say LOOK AT ME. To those people that think being a woman means you’re genetically incapable of handling certain positions, I say check out this woman right here.

(excuse me while I climb on the roof to shout)

I am accomplished. I graduated at the top of my class with honors.  I have a degree in Biology. I work in Neuroscience.  I have travelled the world. I’m running my own business. I’m conquering the world one corner at a time. And guess what…I AM A GIRL.

So here’s to the ones that recognize that there’s nothing wrong with being a girl. That see that being female doesn’t make you less than any one else. Here’s to the ones that know that being a feminist doesn’t mean you have to hate being a woman or throw away your femininity. Here’s to the ones that rock their high heels in the board room and refuse to apologize for embracing who they are. Here’s to the women that want to show the younger “girls” that they can conquer the world just as they are. Here’s to the #GirlBosses.

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