The Great Sock Search


Stockings are being hung by the chimney with care and all I can think about is how all my socks are disintegrating.

I can’t actually remember the last time i bought plain white socks. The last socks I do remember were these fluorescent bootie socks from TJ Maxx that have stretched out so much that meme about your sock falling inside your shoe has pretty much become my life. Most of my functioning socks are those that I received as gifts and are holiday themed. I often wear Christmas socks in July and Valentine’s Day socks for Christmas. It’s of course because I’m a rebel and fighting against the system and corporate America’s monetization of every possible holiday. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I simply have nothing else to wear.

So the search for socks has begun. Here are my choices along with some stats:


Bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, wool options

Multiple designs, but two styles (knee high, regular) way higher than i like my socks, bamboo has the most options

UK based brand and fairly pricey $10+/pair

Amelia’s Organic

Multiple styles, all organic cotton made in usa

Less spandex only 1% or 2% in most styles, but there is nylon, contain mixtures of organic and regular cotton about $6 a pair


Multiple styles, colors, patterns

Many styles have to be purchased in packs that are about $13.99-$6.50/pair; definitely cheapest option


Organic Cotton & Wool

USA made, multiple styles, colors, patterns

Boast of fair trade and complete transparency

$6+, super fun tie dyed for $15


Different styles, colors (but mostly neutrals)

averaging about $10-$16

organic cotton wool, non-nylon options, hemp, and linen

have (Handmade Needle Felting Punch – Sock Darning Kit) no idea what this is but it sounds awesome


3 fashion socks for $42 (anklet crew)

multiple styles, patterns, $10-$18 depending on style

only do socks (specialized), done in small batches (yeah for small batches)

made in US, lots  of nylon though, says it holds shape and elasticity over time

The Summary

Pact wins on affordability and accessability

Maggies wins on fun

Zkano wins for most variety of creative styles

Since for the moment all I need is the basics I think I’ll try out PACT.

Which socks would you choose? 

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