The Making of an Outfit

I love clothes but I’ve never been a girly girl. In fact for a girl that was nicknamed “Hollywood”, I am surprisingly very unglamorous. So when I had to dress up for an event that called for Hollywood glam, I was a bit lost. I don’t own a jewelry box full of bling or have runway appropriate clothing on the ready. Since, the most sustainable clothing you have are the clothes you already own, I also wasn’t going to go out and purchase anything. Lucky for me, I have a God-given talent to make an incredible outfit out of very little.  So here’s how we made Hollywood glam from a boho closet. 

The Dress:

The foundation for anything is the outfit itself. I went with a polyester vintage dress. (I’m hard pressed to call it a gown) It had a shiny satiny thing going on so it was an easy choice to fake the glam. Unfortunately it had a mandarin collar and it runs from hot to hotter than hell lately in Texas, but I decided to suck it up and go for it. When I realized the top was loose enough to sneak through without a bra I was over joyed and thanked God a million times (I still am). This also gave me the opportunity to be a little extra by leaving the back unzipped, because that’s about as “sexy” as I can manage.

The Shoes:

Heels were clearly a must. Not just to add to the “glam” factor, but because I’m 5 ft nothing and the dress is pretty long. I opted for a pair of gold sandals that I’ve had for about 6 years and have probably worn about 3 times. (Like I said, glam is not typically my thing). However, those babies come in handy during times like these, so I’ll keep them around for awhile. They went perfectly with this dress, though, I was rushed for time and failed to clean up the polish on my toes, but let’s keep that our little secret.

The Jewelry:

I had pulled out just about anything I could find, only to remember that most of my jewelry is silver. In fact the only “gold” colored jewelry I had were these ginormous hoop earrings I received as a gift. I swear they were really meant to be bracelets; but, unfortunately, I could only find one. I did manage to find some bronzy (<—I’m on a role with these made up adjectives) earrings that had a slight bling like quality to them that some blessed soul must’ve gifted to me at some point. Whoever you are, I’m eternally grateful at this moment.  Since I was running late, this is all I managed to snag from the jewelry box before running out the door.

The bag:

I used a vintage handbag I picked up at a thrift store that I had not been able to fix up quite yet. It’s super colorful, full of buttons, and I love it! It’s far from glam but I grabbed it anyway.  Because, regardless of where I’m going, I have to show a little bit of me. It’s like a lifeline or breadcrumbs to make sure I stay attached to reality.

The hair:

My sister got all the talent from the neck up, so when it comes to hair and makeup I’m a little bit of a lost cause and not very creative. I simply pinned it back in some semblance of an up-do.

The makeup:

Super simple. Eyeliner & mascara (waterproof, which came in handy since the place had me sweating like a pig), and some lipstick all courtesy of a friend’s makeup line, VivianPhrank.

The event:

And all this trouble for a networking event that was more like a screening of the Real Housewives of San Antonio. Starring me as, well….an extra. An incredibly hot (temperature, not looks) but sustainably dressed extra.

I’m ready for my Greenie. (<—This is what I imagine the award for the Ethical & Sustainable Fashion Awards would be called.)

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