Vintage Upcycled

If there are two things I’ve always loved it’s vintage & upcycling. It’s so much fun when I get to combine the two.

I found this gem in at a little shop in Schertz. I went to an event with a couple of friends and if i could remember the name of the shop I’d give them a shout out, but alas my age is starting to show (if not in my face, definitely in my brain).

I fell in love immediately. It was a fun color with a fun print. A classic vintage jumpsuit. The only problem, summer was quickly approaching and I was sure to melt in a long sleeve high neck polyester jumpsuit. Since this was a spring print I wonder what state this came from and who wore it. I don’t imagine it was worn in Texas as the person would’ve probably died in it. I really hope nobody died in it.  But, I was determined NOT to die in it so a little restructuring was in order.

The first thing to go was the sleeves. I love a little shoulder action so something to show off the shoulders was a given. I decided on a halter top so the next to go was the high neck line.

Then things got a little tricky. I lowered the back, including the zipper which I shortened and recut the neckline. Since it was a little tricky to create a clean finish, I lined the bodice with some muslin. Using the sleeves I created the ties for the halter.

And voila! I had a new halter jumpsuit that was Texas summer ready!

Tell me about your favorite up-cycle project.


If you want help coming up with ideas on how to up-cycle contact me! I now offer up-cycling consultations. I can also do the upcycling for you for an additional charge.

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